Last week adidas teased us with a few shots of their revolutionary new trainers, the adidas boost shoes. Well now adidas have officially launched their new BOOST™ trainers. Described as ‘a running revolution’ we were intrigued to see what adidas had come up with.

adidas Boost Shoes Launched

Ok so here is the techy bit. The cushioned sole has been formed by small energy capsules that is supposed to return the energy back to the runner to propel them along as opposed to cushion and absorb the power as the majority of trainers on the market today achieve.

A nice concept for sure but will it work? adidas are looking to implement this technology across a range of trainers in the next couple of years and seem to be aiming it firmly at the 5-10km running market. This looks more like a mass-market approach to sell large volumes rather than make freakishly quick marathon/olympic long distance runners even quicker.

Marketing gimmick or useful bit of kit? Until we get our hands on a pair of the new adidas boost shoes, we will park our backsides firmly on the fence.

Available in the UK from 27th February, expect the price to be around £120




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