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adidas Brazuca Football

The official match ball of the Brazil World Cup 2014 has been revealed by adidas in the last few days. The Brazuca name was picked in a poll within the host nation Brazil where over a million people voted.

The adidas Brazuca World Cup Ball will grace the pitch in Sao Paolo for the World Cup’s opening match on 12th June 2014 between Brazil and Croatia. The new design features a vibrant swirling ribbon that covers the entire six interlocking panels. Super football geeks may have already spotted the ball out in the wild where it was tested in a friendly between Argentina and Sweden, albeit with an older design.

In development for three years, the ball has been tested by some 600 players including some of the most high profile adidas athletes – Messi, Gerrard, Schweinstager and the like. Expect to hear the goalkeepers complaining about it swerving too much and strikers loving it because they can start hitting long distance shots which will no doubt deceive the goalies as every major tournament.

Available to buy from £98 this is a great looking football. Probably a little bit expensive for your local Sunday outfit but if you have all the gear and no idea, this is the ball for you.




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