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adidas Go

Drawing from Spotify’s huge library of tracks to deliver a relevant tune, the adidas Go uses the beat of your running pace to find a track to suit your stride.

The app, which is only iOS compatible at the moment, uses your phone’s accelerometer to define your stride rate and chooses the tracks to match, helping to keep you going when you’ve hit your natural rhythm.

The main perk of the app is you don’t even have to set up a playlist before running, with the app using your current songs to decide on relevant songs and artists that it thinks you’ll like, which also means you’ll get to hear new music without having to search for it.

It also means that when you’re home you can save the run to adidas’ MiCoach program, and also see the songs you listened to and save them to Spotify if you liked the vibes.

Users will need to have a Spotify Premium account but anyone without a subscription who wants to try out the app will get a week’s listening for free to see how you get on with it. After the week you’ll get the option to sign up or use their music library on the phone to get beats on the go. Seems like a fair deal to us.

The adidas Go isn’t the first service that makes use of sensors in your phone and smartwatch to use music to improve your running, but along with adidas’ array of fitness apps, the Go might be a winner. It’s also completely free from the App Store.




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