We all know that next year sees the 2014 World Cup against the spectacular backdrop of Brazil. With all their flair, colour and willingness to party it is sure to be some event, and with it, the top brands around the world are sure to jump on board. And first to the party (albeit a little early) is adidas and their limited edition colours with the adidas Samba Collection

adidas Samba Football Boots

Taking their five most popular and worn boots, they have added a limited edition colourway to each one, adding even more pazaz to the football boot market. Including adidas Samba Adizero F50 (as worn by Lionel Messi), the all time childhood dream, the adidas Samba Predator, as well as the Nitrocharge and 11pro. We take you through a quick rundown of the boots below:

adizero™ f50 Samba Collection
Most famously worn by Messi and Gareth Bale, the all new Adizero F50 Samba will come in a limited edition electric sky blue colourway. Built for the fastest feet in the world, and with technology such as SPEEDTRAXION and SPEEDFOIL, who can argue…


adidas Predator Lethal Zones Samba
Even though this is the boot I grew up hoping for every Christmas during the 90’s, it is still used by some of the worlds best players, including current Premier League genius’ Oscar & Mesut Ozil, and then Fernando Torres… Giving the wearer outstanding ball control, touch, accuracy and power, the adidas Samba Predator Lethal Zones will be available in bright pink.


adidas Samba Nitrocharge Football Boot
Dubbed the boots of the powerhouses, the Nitrocharge, in their new lime green shade are built for the engine of every team, the player that never stops running and tackling. Current players include Dani Alves and Ezequiel Lavezzi.


adidas Samba 11pro Football Boot
As worn by Philipp Lahm and Frankie Lampard, the 11pro comes in a limited edition deep purple and features Taurus leather. Being ultra oft and light, it provides the perfect fit for a box to box midfielder.


The adidas Samba Football Boot Collection marks the launch of the adidas “All in or Nothing” 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ campaign and will be premièred by the worlds top players during this weekends games before being available to buy online 14 November 2013.



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