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adidas Store Bluewater

For those who haven’t visited the Bluewater shopping centre in a while, adidas have opened a new store which promises a little bit of sporting excitement to an otherwise quite boring shopping trip. Dubbed the HomeCourt concept store, the new outlet is, according to adidas, designed to mimic the ‘sights and sounds of a football stadium.’

The format, which premiered in Beijing earlier this year, is designed to give customers the experience of being inside a sports stadium. There is, for instance, a ‘stadium tunnel’ entrance which makes customers feel as if they’re players entering the pitch for another half, and which rather cooly includes the sound of cheering fans to accompany your entry. Inside the store itself is a ‘shoe bar’ which also contains touchscreens in order to allow customers to log onto Adidas’s online store (although why a customer would wish to browse online for products already sold inside the store is unclear – perhaps they’re looking for a bargain on Ebay?)

Nevertheless, although the store itself is perhaps a touch overhyped, (although I could be wrong – perhaps you have to be there to appreciate it) the opening events should add some excitement to Bluewater shoppers’ days.

For anybody interested in paying a visit, then, the store is located on Lower Thames Walk inside Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre. Just head towards the sound of cheering fans if Adidas’s ‘stadium tunnel’ entrance is working as promised.




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