When adidas came out a couple of years ago with what it called “the world’s most high-tech shoe”, it was met with a fair bit of scepticism. Since then, adidas say the first BOOST trainer has gone on to help more than 20 users of the shoe win marathons. Not only that, 3 of the top 5 race times in marathon history have all come while wearing this revolutionary footwear. Proof enough? We think perhaps so. Now comes it’s latest incarnation in the adidas Ultra BOOST.

adidas Ultra Boost Trainers

The first BOOST had the selling point of being a sole that harvests impact energy that effectively bounced the runner back up – the Ultra Boost has taken this to the next level to offer what adidas says is “the best shoe ever” offering 20% more ‘boost’ than the original BOOST. Sorry for all the ‘boost’s.

The adidas Ultra BOOST combines a cohesive system of the most innovative and fully adaptive technologies to deliver your “greatest run ever”. Quite a claim that we certainly won’t be arguing with.

The core of the adidas Ultra BOOST is in its sole. This is made up of thousands of “energy capsules” which are essentially a springy material that’s able to flex under the weight of the runner before pushing that energy back. It’s all about what adidas calls, ‘Energy Return’. And according to them, the technology in the Ultra BOOST provides the industry with it’s highest.

There’s plenty of other technologies we don’t understand like the new dual-density TORSION® SYSTEM, embedded into the shoe’s base. This apparently allows more independent movement between heel and forefoot. Obvious, really. The brand also claim that a runner’s foot can expand up to 10 mm or more in width during running which can cause blisters and injuries. To combat this, Ultra BOOST uses adidas Primeknit to allow the natural expansion of any foot shape.

adidas say the Ultra BOOST “answers every runners needs by offering the very best in Energy Return, support, stability, comfort and style.”

What more could you want? adidas Ultra BOOST will be available exclusively at www.adidas.com/ultraboost from the 11th February before going on general sale on the 25th February. At around £130, we think this is an essential for any serious runner out there.




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