Amazing Home Gyms

We all know we should be doing more to keep fit in order to look and feel our absolute best. But getting the motivation to go to the gym can be tough after that long working day, so we say getting the gym to you is the way forward!

So we’ve compiled some of the most Amazing Home Gyms from around the globe to hopefully give you a bit of added motivation. Take at look!

The renowned “Architect of Anatomy,” Mark Harigian, of Harigian Fitness, designs and executes some of the most amazing home gym spaces around for the likes of Bill Gates, Madonna and Shaquille O’Neal. Function is everything – how a machine is going to be used and the functions that the buyer needs, are the starting points for every unit that they create. Even seemingly minor questions – such as who are the principle users, age, gender, etc. are key design factors. Every bend, molded part and custom pad is made to exacting specifications.

These home gyms are stylish as they are practical and are outfitted with laser-etched stainless steel equipment, made at Harigian’s own factory, to look great and work seemlessly. This is all state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line stuff, but to get one built, you’ll have to write a check with a fair amount of zeros. His website offers a glimpse into the home gyms of the celebrities for whom he has created one-of-a-kind, custom workout environments. 

Hulk Hogan is 61 years young now but can very clearly still handle business when it comes to working out. Which is why he had this beast of a gym set up in his Bel-Air home. He sold the house in 2012, probably for a house with a bigger space for all his weightlifting benches that we’re not entirely sure he needs, but we still thought it should make our post. Are you ready for a workout, brother?

It’s no real shock that two married world-class athletes have an amazing home gym. Pro-volleyball star, Gabrielle Reece and pro-surfer, Laird Hamilton, the first of two power-couples on our list, were always going to make our list when they turned their basement into a spot where they can build up their muscles off the court and on dry land. This gym has all the essentials with cross-trainers, weights and multi-gyms without going overboard, but we accept it could do a bit more character. The couple sold this Maui home in 2011, and while we don’t know them personally, we’re certain they wouldn’t settle for anything less than this.

New England Patriot, Super Bowl-winning, and all-round NFL goldenboy Quarter-Back Tom Brady and his stunning model wife Gisele, are one of the hottest power-couples on the entire planet, and given their respective lines of work, it’s clearly important to that they both keep in tip-top shape. And this is the result. This amazing home gym has everything you could possibly want with added touches like monkey bars and what looks like every dumbbell weight in existence. This amazing gym could be found in their estate home… What’s that? Yes, that’s the same estate that has a moat around it!

Tom Brady’s was impressive but we think we’ve found a winner in none other than ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg’s gigantic home gym. Wahlberg has been ripped since his Funky Bunch days so it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to see him on this list. The man wasn’t just born that way. This amazing home gym has the lot, including a picturesque basketball court and he even had a boxing ring installed so that he could properly train for his role in The Fighter.

So there we have it, our list of Amazing Home Gyms. Of course, for most of us these gyms are simply out of reach but we hope they’ve given you a little inspiration at least. We’re now off to hit the treadmill. Let us know what you think!