Amazon have bought the rights to show 20 Premier League games a season for three years starting from 2019. The streaming giant won two of the final three television packages after Sky Sports and BT Sport had already won four of the seven deals available.

Amazon Will Show 20 Premier League Games From 2019

The matches will be available to Amazon Prime’s UK members, where viewers will be able to watch any game from one round of midweek fixtures and one round from a bank holiday. It will mark the first time ever that a full round of Premier League fixtures will be broadcast in the UK.

While Amazon will get far less games than BT Sport and Sky Sports, their games do come at an important part of the season where football viewing figures are notoriously high. Amazon have paid for two full rounds of fixtures a season; the first December midweek round and the festive Bank Holiday round – both at crucial times in the season.


The final package of 20 matches available was bought by BT Sport for £90m, taking their total to 52 games. Back in February, Sky Sports paid £3.58bn for four packages, while BT Sport spent £295m on another package.

At the moment, Amazon Prime Memberships cost £79 a year or £7.99 a month. In addition Prime members can watch weekly highlights of all Premier League games throughout the season.

While it will be interesting to see how a full round of live fixtures will work, it does ultimately mean more expenditure for football fans. That’s unless Sky Sports or BT Sport lower their costs, which is highly unlikely.


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