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Arccos Golf

Technology in mainstream sport hasn’t quite found its place yet and is a contentious issue for many purists. Cycling has been leading the way for years with tracking systems and radio communications all regular practice at the professional level. But the sport with the most technological potential is arguably golf.

With roughly 4 million of us playing the sport in the UK alone, the market is clearly there with obvious perks of checking distances to pins, club recommendations and score tracking all incredibly plausible. Which is why Arccos golf sensors have caught our collective eyes!

Once you’ve connected an Arccos sensor to an accompanying app on your iPhone, it seamlessly captures your round data (without disrupting your game), and gives it to you right in your hand, instantly.

Each lightweight Arccos sensor attaches to the grip end of your club. After that, there’s no need to tap, touch, or interfere with your pre-swing routine. Using GPS, Arccos automatically captures every step of your golf game without interruption.

The Arccos app provides accurate distances while you’re on the golf course with distances to the front, centre and back of each green. It’s automatic, meaning there’s no interruption to your typical playing routine. Any time you need a green distance, simply look at your phone and take dead aim.

With the sensors you’ll also have score-keeping capabilities as your score will be automatically tracked as with the iPhone app. Based on your statistics and usage, the app will also offer a customised club recommendation if you’re within range. If you’re anything like us, though, you know best!

The Arccos app is also now available on the Apple Watch to make it even more accessible. 14 sensors (one for each club) will set you back around £250 ($399.99). Not bad for something that could drastically alter your playing experience. Check out the Arccos Website for more details and purchasing.




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