The Baja Board is a 4WD electric mountainboard and is packed full of awesomeness. The Baja Board (pronounced Ba ha) isn’t just a fancy skateboard with an electic motor – this is so much more.

Baja Board

What gets us really excited about this is how sophisticated the whole build is. Each wheel has independent suspension with spring shock absorbers to soak up the terrain with ease. The design includes a patent pending Dynamic Wheel Alignment which alters the set up during straight runs and turns. It delivers 12 kilowatts of power with one motor for each wheel – this means a top speed of 50kmh! And anyone who has been on a snowboard at similar speeds will testify, that isn’t too sluggish!

The project will be launching on Kickstarter in the middle of March with deliveries being targeted for the end of 2014. It may only be February but we have found another thing to go on the Christmas list already. This and Margot Robbie would do nicely. You can find more information over at




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