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Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

While many in the business are adamant it’s commercially left its mark, the Apple Watch might not have wowed Joes like some of Apple’s previous devices. A lack of something genuinely new has been blamed for some lacklustre responses.

While we agree the Apple Watch wasn’t in the same league as the iPod or iPad, it did offer some exciting advances in the wearable fitness tracking market. Another wearable in the same vain that’s caught our eye is the Basis Peak Fitness Tracker.

Peak gives you a complete look at your activity, fitness and sleep, along with smartwatch notifications so you can work towards a better you. It tracks your heart rate 24/7 and automatically detects your walks, runs, rides and sleep. And the best thing is, no button-pushing is required!

To aid your fitness programme, you can track caloric burn and steps, all the while the Basis Peak will automatically capture walks, runs and rides. It tracks your heart rate all day, all night no matter what you’re doing with no chest strap required. Skin temperature is also logged.

The Peak is also handy during the night. It will track duration, restlessness and REM/Deep stages so you can really start to improve your sleep. Let’s just hope the optional notifications for texts, calls, emails, calendar events and habit alerts don’t wake you up!

The Basis Peak Fitness Tracker is made from aircraft-grade aluminum watch and contains a high-contrast touch screen display. You’ll get up to 4 days of battery life and it charges via a magnetic USB charger. It’s also water resistant to 50m.

The Basis Peak requires a smartphone to be activated where you’ll be able to check all your data and use it productively. You can grab one now off Amazon for £169.99.




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