The Olympics are over (though of course the Paralympics are still to come!) and here is no doubt that beach volleyball was one of the hottest tickets in town, but what has caused it? It can’t simply be lovely athletics ladies rolling in the sand with not a lot on can it? If you want to see some women in sand, you can check out of beach volleyball girls post, but while I am sure this is a contributing factor, there must be a lot more to it!

Beach Volleyball – The hottest ticket in town

To find out why, we teamed up with British Airways, and took 8 lucky competition winners to get a feel for the experience themselves and watch some quarter final action!

beach volleyball tickets

The Venue

Horse Guards Parade is a simply stunning venue and has to be one of the major draws for willing spectators, watching the action against a backdrop of the London Eye and some of London’s famous buildings is just amazing, and even a little hard to imagine without actually seeing it. Even when sitting and taking in this spectacle it doesn’t seem like reality. If I take one thing from my experience, it will definitely be this and it has just added to the buzz surrounding the event.

Beach volleyball horse guards parade

The Atmosphere

There is only one way you can really describe the beach volleyball and that would have to be a “party atmosphere”. There were unfortunately no Team GB representatives in the quarter finals but that didn’t stop all participants getting a great reception and rewarded by applause for their technical brilliance. Each member of the crowd would pick a pair for each match and give them their full support. If that wasn’t enough the PA announcer would ramp up the crowd whenever the ball was not in play combining clapping, music, chants and all sorts. There was not a dull moment and trying to get your head down to send a quick tweet was really difficult because your feet were tapping to whatever beat was playing and if there wasn’t a point being played in the next five seconds some dancers would appear to keep the excitement going.

Beach Volleyball Venue

We had an added bonus that some of our very own Team GB rowing gold medallists had been enjoying the show and came onto the sand at the end, the applause and noise they received was staggering and just a taster of what it would have been like to see a Team GB volleyball game. They even had a go for a few points!

In conclusion the beach volleyball was the same as the rest of London 2012 – absolutely spectacular! Travel wasn’t a problem, the security checks were fast as the capacity was there and wherever you turned there would be a volunteer, a person from the military or police force to answer any questions you had with a genuine enthusiasm to help you.

Olympics venue

I want to say a huge thank you to British Airways on behalf of us and the competition winners for making this happen and providing us with the hottest ticket in town. You can also see what a few of our winners made of the experience here:

Rebecca Fox:
After watching it I definitely want to give it a go myself. Definitely the most fun Olympic event with a party atmosphere where the crowd really gets involved, I can’t remember the count of mexican waves…truly immense.

Ollie Davies:
I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to several events over the Olympics and this was definitely my favourite – mainly because of the setting. Who would’ve thought Beach Volleyball would’ve been played in central London in front of 15,000 people!

Now, just wait until Rio!!

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