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Best Ways to Watch the World Cup

The World Cup has finally arrived with Brazil kicking of the tournament on Thursday evening against Croatia. With 3 games on your TV screens a day we have been discussing the best way to watch the games. Now when it comes to Iran vs Nigeria we don’t think it will be too difficult to choose how and where to watch the game – in all fairness we probably won’t be watching at all. But when it comes to the big games, and more importantly the England games you will have several options to choose from.

Ensuring you get the best seat in the venue is crucial as you won’t want to miss any of the action. Here are our top tips for watching the World Cup this Summer and the pros and cons that comes with each choice.

Watching with the Other Half

A tough option that will be full of annoyances. Well one actually. If you find yourself in this situation be prepared for a barrage of questions such as: What time is kick off? How long until kick off? Can I watch Britain’s Got The X Factor Dancing on Ice right up to kick off and at half time? What colour do England play in? Why are England Losing? When does it finish? Why won’t you pay me any attention?
We are by no means saying that this is true of all girlfriends (I had to add that in) – we are purely talking on past experiences and wouldn’t wish this torture to happen to any more good men out there.


– You might get brought a beer/cup of tea at half time
– At least you will get to see the game


– Lots of questions coming your way
– You will get to watch 90 minutes only. No pre/post match discussion
– You will have to resort to Twitter to find credible discussions on the performance of the England team
– There is a 95% chance you will hear “Who’s number 7? He’s fit”

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 2.5/5

Watching with your mates at home

A really good choice in our opinion, and our most likely. Selecting a good group of mates who all enjoy the finer details of football will allow you to watch the game with plenty of topical debate on the England performance. With the opening game kicking off at 11pm this allows for plenty of time to discuss the tactics and indulge in a BBQ and beers beforehand. And with Uruguay playing at 8pm this will serve as a nice warm-up to the first England game. We already have our BBQ at the ready.

You will need to make sure you have a TV to reflect both yourself and the amount of people you invite. We have to say thanks to Currys / PC World who sent us a monster 55inch Sony for the office for the duration. Makes like a little easier!


– You get to select the guest list
– Your TV, your rules
– Great view of the game all night
– Drinks and snacks available at all times – no queuing
– Comfy seating options
– Toilet available at all times
– No drunk 18 year olds commenting on watching their first World Cup, but no guarantees of no spillage


– The clean up operation the morning after
– You will have one mate who will turn up with no beverages
– Likely to annoy your neighbours with late night noise

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 4.5/5

Watching Down The Pub

There are so many variables involved with this option that makes it a hard one to call. On the one hand you have everything sorted for you – endless supply of alcohol, snacks, good atmosphere and the game on the TV. The potential pitfalls could make or break your evening – long queues for drinks, obstructed view of the game, 10 minute round trip when battling your way to the toilet and general idiots. Depending on the size of the venue and the amount of people inside will dictate the success of the evening.



– Plenty of drinks and snacks
– Should be a good atmosphere
– You can carry on the party after the final whistle
– Multiple TV’s (depends on venue)


– Potential obstructed view of the game
– Long wait for more drinks
– Toilet trips could lose you your spot infront of the screen
– You may encounter ‘fans’ with England face paint
– You could end up standing next to the guy who knows everything about the game but has never played football in his life – avoid at all costs
– Costly affair

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 4/5

Watching on your own

This viewing option is fairly safe. You get all of the advantages of watching with your mates apart from you’ll be watching on your own (you’re welcome). It’s all your rules, and come the latter stages, it’s your party, and you can cry if you want to.


– You wont have to put up with any stupid comments
– No drunk loons talking crap to you all game
– Uninterrupted view of the game
– No one will see you cry when England concede five


– It’s a bit lonely
– Very poor atmosphere

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 3/5

Watching At The Stadium

If this option is available then what are you still doing here? Get on that plane and get over to Brazil ASAP.


– You will be at the World Cup!
– You’re in Brazil
– Everything else


– Quite expensive
– Bit of a trek back home

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 5/5

Watching With Your Partners Parents

We have listed this option last for a reason, and it is making us nervous just thinking about it. Watching a tournament of such importance in a family friendly environment isn’t recommended. What if England make it through to a semi-final (crazy I know) and you have to sit there being calm and collected throughout the 90 minutes. It’s just not a viable option, especially if you don’t want your partner’s parents to know how you turn into a rage-monster during a game of football.


– You will get to see the game
– No hangover the next day as you will be on an endless supply of tea.


– It just won’t be very enjoyable.
– You will have to stay calm throughout the game

Viewing Pleasure Rating – 1.5/5

So they where we have it – our definitive list of where, and the very best ways to watch the World Cup in Brazil. If you can’t be in Brazil then we recommend watching it with a group of mates either at home or down the pub. If neither of these are available then settle for watching on your own. If this isn’t available.. Good luck.



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