Unless you ride for Team Sky, chances are there’s no better way for you to keep in touch with the rest of your team uphill than by inventing your own sort of sign language or by simply giving them a phone call. That is until now. Take a look at the BONX Grip, an earpiece which doubles up as a walkie talkie and can be used by up to ten members of a team at any time.

BONX Grip Earpiece Walkie Talkie

Put simple, the BONX Grip enables group conversations between outdoor athletes. Combining a rugged Bluetooth earpiece and an innovative group-talk app, the BONX Grip has been custom-designed to out-perform, out-comfort and outlast any VoIP app or standard Bluetooth headset.

The BONX is aimed at anyone who might need to communicate with others other distances or during exercise without having to raise a finger. So we’re talking snowboarders, kayakers, fishers and especially cyclists. The BONX goes anywhere your phone has a reception with completely unlimited range.

BONX Earpiece Walkie Talkie 4
Within a fraction of a second, the earpiece picks up your voice with built-in dual microphones, passes it to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, and the app then sends the voice data to everybody in your group via cellular network.

The BONX is ‘activity-friendly’, which means there’s no need to touch a button when you talk – just start speaking. Two large buttons allow for easy mute and volume control, and the earphones have an open-back so you can hear your surroundings and stay safe, especially if you’re on the road.

BONX Earpiece Walkie Talkie 2
The BONX Grip is water-shock-resistant and comfortable for extended use. They’re also designed with multi-layered noise cancellation for extreme situations like harsh winds, and the app couldn’t be easier to use and automatically finds near-by users you can start conversations with by a single tap of the button. You can create groups of up to 10 people.

The BONX Grip earpiece is being funded over at crowd-funding website Indiegogo where the project is just under half-way funded with a month to go. If you like the sound of the BONX, you can get pledging and get hold of one for around £60 ($78) over at the BONX Indiegogo Page now.

BONX Earpiece Walkie Talkie 3



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