Carrera Vanquish Road Bike Review – Wiggins Beware

With the meteoric rise of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, winning multiple Tour De France and Olympic gold medals – cycling and in-particular road cycling has become immensely popular. Like anything, you can spend some serious money on a road bike but there is a massive range to choose from. We don’t all have thousands to blow on the latest Carbon, so we looked at what you could get for sub £400 – plumbing for the latest Carrera Vanquish Men’s road bike – which you can get for £330, or £380 with disk brakes.


The standard bike comes in white with green trim, with the disc brake model coming in black with green. It’s a good looking bike with the frame, forks, wheels, seat and seat post all with the matching colour scheme. The curves in the detailing also make what is a thick frame look much smaller. Looking at a distance, it certainly does look great, but the closer you get, the more you realise that the frame is a real beast. The welds at the joins of the triple butted aluminium frame are certainly more functional than aesthetically pleasing but you do have to remember that this is a bike for less than £400 and not a top of the range carbon fibre masterpiece.


For a sub £400 bike, you still do get a fair amount of kit for your money. Full specification includes:

  • Frame: Triple butted aluminium
  • Forks: Alloy steerers and carbon blade
  • Gears: 16 Speed Shimano Claris gearing
  • Brakes: Mechanical discs
  • Wheels: Narrow 700c double wall aluminium
  • Tyres: Kenda K1018


    The Vanquish feels very solid and stable during the ride so is certainly suitable for someone new to road bikes. Going both up and down through the gears is really smooth and can be done with ease, when you hit top gear you’ll have no trouble maintaining a decent speed. There is however a noticeable characteristic that will prove a problem for some, you can feel absolutely every bump in the road. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and to be honest, and no road bike will ever be the smoothest of rides due to the lightweight frame and tiny tyres, but the stiff frame does make for a rough ride. Obviously type and quality of road will be a factor, so if you are particularly sensitive, or plan to ride this bike on old and tired roads – it is definitely something to think about.

    Carrera Vanquish Road Bike Review Verdict

    All in all this is a great bike for someone looking to get started with a road bike and not break the bank in the process. The combination of aluminium frame and carbon forks save a bit of weight, and is a good option for those not looking to pay for a full carbon fibre frame but want something a little extra over those budget road bikes. If you do want to save a little more money, you can save yourself £50 by not opting for the disc brakes. The only real consideration to make when looking at this bike is whether the stiff ride could be a problem. For those larger or tougher riders, definitely give this bike a look.

    The Carrera Vanquish is available now from Halfords (who sent us the bike).

    Halfords Carrera Vanquish Road Bike Review