We’re fully into the European ski season, and while we love to hit the slopes, you’d have to have a nose as big as Pinocchio if you said learning to ski was a doddle. In truth, it’s one of the hardest sporting crafts to master. Which is why we like the look of a new gadget called Carv.

Carv Skiing Tracker

Carv is wearable which is attached to your ski boots and analyses your skiing technique in real-time, providing feedback on the slopes and detailed analysis between runs. Not only does the device sync with your phone providing data in real-time, you can also get data feedback right into your ears.

While taking data mapped by a sensor placed inside your ski boot and a smaller device attached to the back, Carv uses a personal ski tutor whose words you can hear while you’re actually on the slopes.

Carv Skiing Wearable 1
The Carv in-boot sensor looks very similar to an insole that you’d use in a regular trainer – though, a little chunkier. It contains 48 pressure sensors which means it’s made to pick up on the even slightest change in movement.

The insole is linked to a clip-on device which goes on the pack of your boot. Containing an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth (iOS or Android). You can even sync the Carv with a GoPro if you’ve got one!

Carv Skiing Wearable 4
The feedback given caters for all abilities. So whether you’re a beginner, fairly experience or an actual pro, Carv offers advice and training for everyone. It gives advice on speed and posture, and even tracks jumps, tricks and monitors landing pressure if you’re more of a freestyler.

The Carv skiing tracker is being funded on Kickstarter where it’s already smashed through its target with around 3 weeks to do. For around £140 ($199) you’ll get two Carv sensors and two trackers (one for each boot). Head over to the Carv Kickstarter Website where deliveries are expected in November this year.

Carv Skiing Wearable 3



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