Could the CeramicSpeed Driven Chainless Bike Change Cycling?

If you keep your ears close to the ground in the cycling world, one product that’s being spoken about a lot in recent days is the CeramicSpeed Driven, dubbed ‘the world’s most efficient drivetrain.’ A concept developed in conjunction with the University of Colorado, the system does away with chains in favour of carbon fibre and it’s got a lot of cyclists very, very excited.

CeramicSpeed claims their innovative Driven system is more efficient than even the best performing derailleur-based bikes on the market. If you’re not familiar with your cycling terminology, a derailleur is the bit that shifts to change your gear on basically every standard bike around. So you can see how this could be revolutionary.

The Driven system works thanks to a 21-bearing roller drive shaft which sees two bearings at either end of the drive shaft provide power transfer. CeramicSpeed say that this creates 49% less friction when compared to the market leading chain and derailleur drivetrain as it eliminates eight points of chain sliding friction.


The bearings connect with teeth on the 13-speed cassette and chainring at a sideways angle to propel the bike. To change gear, the rear bearings move up and down the shaft. CeramicSpeed are also keen to point out that the Driven is far more durable than normal systems as it eliminates the wear associated with a chains.

Despite the claims made, the CeramicSpeed Driven groupset isn’t set to hit market anytime in near future. But if the claims are true – and they appear to be given the awards they’ve already swept – the Driven could change the way the cycling industry views drivetrains. Find out more over at the CeramicSpeed Website.


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