Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Children MMA Fights

Since we posted this, the videos have been removed pretty much anywhere. However James Schofield wrote a good article on the media witch hunt here.

This has kind of shocked us. We have just been handed a link to some MMA fights, pretty normal as you would expect. But these MMA fights actually include children as young as 8 years old!

This might not be that shocking if it was kids playing in the yard, or fighting on the street. But from what we can tell this is professionally organised and took place at the Greenlands Labour Club in Preston, Lancashire, right here in the UK.

The bouts are filmed with the lads wearing no protection, not even gloves (which means it would be an classed as an illegal fight anyway!) and is at a sold out event which has obviously been properly organised. From what we can tell there is no striking, but this still doesn’t seem right! At one point, one of the children is even crying, needing medical staff and there are even ring girls between rounds!

What do you think? We are all for people learning their trade at a young age, and some of these lads have awesome transitions! But being watched in a cage and not getting paid?! The major problem here, is it gives MMA a bad name, national tabloids will be all over this within hours and no doubt blame MMA for the problem which just isn’t true.



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