Chris Boardman's Intelligent Bike

Intelligent Bike by Chris Boardman

Intelligent Bike by Chris Boardman

Could this be the future? Chris Boardman and techies everywhere seem to think it possibly could be…

The bike of the future is the brainchild of olympic gold medalist Chris Boardman who has designed a concept bike that takes all of it’s features from current technology. Chris is currently looking for a backer to take this potential to market and the bike would include;

  • “unbreakable” locking device via fingerprint recognition
  • Puncture-proof self-inflating tyres
  • Battery assisted motor charged by solar
  • Computer including calorie count
  • Spokeless wheels
  • Lightweight carbon fibre frame
  • Solar-rechargeable lights

The bike could be created were a company willing to produce it, insists Boardman, as “everything in it already exists, It’s simply a question of pulling it all together”

“If there was a budget behind it, it could be ready in two years,” he said.

Once mass produced the bike could be available for as little as £2000, which would be right up our street…

Original story from the telegraph.

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