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Christmas Gifts for Runners

If you have someone to buy a present for this Christmas that is into running and keeping fit, then we are here to help. We have pulled together the perfect Christmas Gifts for Runners and this guide is sure help you find them something special.

Here are our top ten and with a range of prices to suit everyone, from beginners to serious runners alike!!

Under Armour Coldgear Liner Gloves – £15 RRP

Guess what? Your hands can get pretty cold when running during the winter months and sure, you could just wear any old gloves but they will get pretty stiff and smelly rather quickly! A decent pair of running gloves will give you some warmth whilst being thin and wick away the sweat produced, they are also wind resistant and you can even use them to wipe the sweat off your brow as you are going along.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS – £129 RRP

Both during and after your run, it’s great to know your current/average speed, kilometre or mile times and see where your performance changes. A GPS watch such as the Nike SportWatch will give you details such as current speed, average speed, time taken, distance travelled, lap time etc and when you finish your run, you can plug it into your laptop and upload all the data to the Nike+ website and see a great map of your run with speed, elevation etc. all visualised.

If you do a combination of treadmill and outdoor running, you can also buy a Nike+ sensor to fit into/on your shoe so your runs are still recorded when GPS is not available. You can get these things on all smart phones now, including the Nike+ app but unless you hold your phone for the whole run or have it moving around in your pocket, you can’t get the in run information like with a watch and that is why we use this particular model ourselves!


adidas Response Windbreaker Jacket – £40 RRP

In the winter months, a running jacket becomes very useful and negates the cold, wet and windy reasons for not going out to run. The most important of these factors for us is the wind, it’s tough enough to run it without it making you cold as well so a wind resistant jacket is great and generally aren’t that expensive. In most cases they will also be water resistant and very thin so you shouldn’t get too warm wearing it into the spring.

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Ear-canal Phones – £30

Running can get boring, especially if you are alone so the most popular choice is to listen to music. The problem is that most standard in-ear headphones will fall out as you are running and on or over-ear headphones will get your ears too hot and sweaty which isn’t particularly nice.

In-ear headphones which have rubber or silicone tips are the answer here as they generally come with a few different sizes of tips so you can find the perfect fit for your ear which stops them falling out as you run. You can also spend a little extra money for a pair with an in-line control so the volume can be adjusted and track changed easily without having to use the device itself.

adidas Energy Boost Shoes – £110 RRP

New from adidas this year are their Boost range of shoes which have a new cushioned sole to store and release energy more effectively giving the user up to 15% more return so they can run more efficiently.

They are a neutral shoe and ideally suited to runs of up to 10K.


Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch – £35

If you are training for a specific goal, such as fat loss or cardio improvement, it is important to keep your heart rate in the correct range during exercise. Drifting both above and below your target range will result in not getting the benefits you are aiming for.

Most treadmills will have some heart rate sensors that you can put your hands on but this is always awkward and not a continuous solution. A watch which links to a heart rate monitor strap across your chest can continuously monitor and provide analysis after the exercise is completed.

Hind Run Water Bottle – £3

You need to keep hydrated when running and some standard water bottles can become cumbersome and slippery when being held while running. The simple solution to this is an ergonomic water bottle which you can easily hold onto and spreads the water around your hand so you can get more water for a thinner grip size.

Nike Elite Running Cushion Crew Socks – £10 RRP

Yes, socks are a well documented, boring Christmas gift but you may actually get thanked for this one after the first run! Extra cushioning and dry fit material make for a more pleasurable run and can help limit the chance of blisters for someone new to running or planning on taking it back up again.


Nike Free 5.0+ Shield Shoes – £90 RRP

The Shield range from Nike offers their popular running shoes with added reflectivity, water resistance and breath-ability. These shoes are perfect for winter running but will also be useful all year round with their great breathability. We reviewed these recently which you can find here.

Any of the shield range would make a great gift.

There we have it, ten Christmas ideas for runners, with a range of prices that would be perfect for any runner. Obviously these are just popular examples and they all can be found created by different brands with their own merits and price tags.



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