CTRL ONE Smart Glasses

Cyclists have all the fun with gadgets and gear. The latest in that line are the revolutionary e-Tint powered CTRL ONE smart glasses – the world’s fastest tint changing sunglasses!

What is now the CTRL ONE was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces but now has been adapted and optimised for every Joe who wants to enhance their cycling performance.

Anyone who rides on two wheels will know how light conditions are in a constant state of flux and how getting your eyewear right is crucial in order to stay fast, and more importantly, stay safe. Your lenses need to keep up. CTRL ONE uses military-grade electronic Tint-on-Demand (e-Tint) technology that can change the tint of your lenses automatically and instantaneously, so you can keep your hands on the handlebar and your eyes on the road.

While CTRL ONE’s ballistic, e-Tint lenses will improve your reaction time, they’ll also obviously protect Joes against all sorts on the road – flies, rain, bullets… you’re covered. This is paramount for safety in situations where speed and control are essential.

Most sunglasses don’t adapt to changing light. There are others on the market trying to tackle the same issue, such as photochromic sunglasses, but these take several minutes to do it and they’re not controllable. The e-Tint liquid crystal-based technology takes just 0.1 seconds to change between two tint stages!

While the CTRL ONE are automatic, they also can be manually switched by the click of a button. They’re available in different frame colours – Red & White, Blue & White, all-White and all-Black – and the lenses come in either neutral or Orange, depending on your fashion sense!

The CTRL ONE LCD smart glasses are being sold through crowd-starter Indiegogo and with only a couple of day remaining, the makers have already reached their target and smashed it fourteen-fold, so cyclists clearly love the idea. You can get hold of a pair if you’re quick for around £110 ($170) with an estimated delivery date of November this year. So get over to the CTRL ONE Indiegogo Website now!