Take a look at your bike of the future. Introducing the Cyclotron, the world’s first hubless smart bicycle. It comes with an electronic e-gear box, a fully integrated system, a space-grade carbon fibre frame and an accompanying iPhone & Android app for all your smartbike needs.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bicycle

We can only assume the Cyclotron is so named as it truly does look like it’s come from the Tron films. But while the revolutionary design is the obvious USP here, there’s much more to this beauty than meets the eye with technological features making this bike as futuristic as the form it takes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bike is equipped with spoke-less wheels, and the makers assure us this is the first commercially available bike to use the technology. The Cyclotron is also equipped with an electronic e-gear box for faster gear changes. All very modern.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bicycle 1
But perhaps the most modern and most striking aspect of the Cyclotron is the bike’s lighting system. The dual halo LED lights on the wheels, and front and rear of the bike, switch on and off using automatically using a light sensor which knows when you’re on your bike.

As we’re in 2016, the bike also records all sorts of data for riders, so they’re are able to log real-time cycling data, access in-app navigation, use track and train software, and of course use the anti-theft software which comes with the accompanying app too. The battery life is also decent enough with the self-charging Li-ion battery providing eight hours lights playback.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bicycle 4
The only issue we have with the Cyclotron is that while we accept the plans show no brake cables, no shifting cables, no light cables, no regular wheels, and an awesome design, the makers haven’t made it entirely clear how they’re achieving such wizardry. This always rings alarm bells for us when it comes to technological claims, so we’d advice you approach the Cyclotron with caution.

The spacey Cyclotron bicycle is being funded right now over on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, where there are only 4 days left of pledging. If you’re interested in the concept as much as we are, head over to the Cyclotron Kickstarter Website where a 12-speed gearbox version will set you back around £900 ($1,199). Deliveries are expected in June 2017.

Cyclotron Spokeless Bicycle 3



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