Sian Massey

Sian Massey

Do women know the off-side rule?

Do women actually know the offside rule? It has been a debate raging on for many years when, let’s be fair, many women didn’t even understand football, let alone the offside rule. We are now in 2011 and I would imagine most women do now know what the offside rule is? It seems that a quick twitter poll tells us that all women know the rule (on those that answered). Is this right? So we are appealing to all your girls who read the blog (yes we know you are out there, getting an insight into the male mind!); Do you know what the offside rule is? Can you explain it? Be honest now! If your are a man then we can’t exclude you (not wanting to be sexist.. ahem), so does your missus, mum, nan, lover know what it is?

Do women know the off-side rule?

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Our reason for asking is, if you haven’t heard already, is two of Sky Sports most respected and longest serving presenters / pundits got in hot water over the weekend. It all started at the Wolves and Liverpool match on Saturday, which included Sian Massey, a female ‘assistant referee’ or as real people like call them lines’wo’men. Liverpool scored in the first half and Massey didn’t rule Raul Meireles offside, and to be fair to her he wasn’t but while those scamps Andy Gray and Richard Keys were off air they were recorded saying remarks such as:

Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her” Keys said.

Can you believe that?” Gray responded. “A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.

If you haven’t heard the audio then it was leaked and is now on youtube:


We for one look forward to Sian Massey on the cover of FHM and Playboy very soon…. JOKE! We wish her all the best in her quest to be a top referee…

If you are a fan of Sky Sports, please let us know who is your favourite Sky Sports Female Presenters. We just can’t decide!



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