The world can easily be divided into two sets of people: those who, after watching Jaws, were permanently scared out of the water, never to return; and those who weren’t.

Easybreath Snorkelling Mask

If you’re a member of the first group, look away now. This article about a snorkelling mask will be of little interest. To those in the second group however, the Easybreath snorkelling mask from Tribord could be an ideal companion for the next time you’re bravely plunging into the waters (I’m a member of the first group).

So what’s so special about the mask, you ask? Several things.

The most remarkable, is that the Easybreath is the first full-face snorkelling mask. This means that, contrary to ordinary snorkelling mouthpieces, you are able to breathe through both the nose and the mouth, resulting in a far more comfortable snorkelling session. Furthermore, the mask gives the wearer 180-degree vision and, because of the air flow system, there’s no risk of the usual fogging to obscure your view.


In addition, the mask also includes a mechanism to plug the top when immersed in water. This means that if you do decide to give and go deep, you won’t be met with a stream of water entering the mask. The top of the snorkel is also brightly coloured in order to minimize the chances of getting hit by a boat or anything else floating around on the surface.

Sounds impressive, then, and it’s not just us who think so – the mask was also a winner at this year’s French Oxylane Innovation Awards.

Of course, you may argue, such an innovative product is bound to be costly. We thought the same, but the mask is actually set to go on sale in Decathlon stores (and online) next month for only around £40. Looks like a bargain, and if it’s as good as it looks, should be enough to eradicate anyone’s fear of sharks – well, at least you’ll see them coming.

Buy: from May 2014
Price: £40




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