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Well it seems the Setanta fall-out continues. It has now been confirmed that England’s next World Cup qualifier in Ukraine, this coming Saturday will be shown exclusively live on the internet who will have to pay for the privilege.

This is the first time an England match has not been available on television. Originally Setanta held the rights in the UK but after it’s demise a few months ago, none of the major stations were willing to pay the amount asked by Kentaro in the Ukraine. And digital sport firm, Perform bought the rights to stream the match online.

However this is not the first time Perform have streamed to England fans, the Manchester City and Spurs rights in the Uefa Cup last year were managed by Perform, who charged approximately £4 per game.

The match will be shown on the website www.ukrainevengland.com and viewers will be able to subscribe using PayPal. Apparently subscribers will be limited to one million for the match.


  • £4.99 if viewers sign up before midnight on Wednesday
  • £9.99 for those who subscribe on Thursday and Friday
  • £11.99 on Saturday

You can also catch the game at your local Odeon cinema, yes that’s right Odeon cinema…

I am sure there will be much fall out from this and we are interested to know your thoughts. Will you be paying to watch it on your PC? Or popping down to your local Odeon!? Oh and did we mention that it will not be shown in pubs… Ouch!



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