ESPN Premiership Goals

ESPN Premiership Goals

ESPN launch Premiership Goals App

ESPN have just launched the best sport’s junkie app ever! ESPN Goals will bring every Premiership goal direct to your mobile (. For a modest subscription of just £3.99 per month, or £29.99 per season you get to see every Premiership goal ‘within minutes of the ball crossing the line’. That is well before Sky and BBC highlights go to air.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well hold your horses just a second. Although you will still be able to beat Sky and BBC to the punch, they will not show goals between 2:45 and 5:15pm on Saturdays, which is protected from TV coverage. This must equate to around 70% of games? However you will get access in minutes to all early and late Saturday kick-offs, as well as Sunday and midweek games.

The app is currently only available to Android and iPhone users, although will be available through ESPN’s mobile site.

What do you think? Is it worth the cost bearing in mind you miss Saturday 3pm games? Let us know below.



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