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AJB England Dream Team

With just hours to go until England kick off their Euro 2012 campaign, we can’t help but think that we haven’t got the right squad for Euro 2012 in Poland/Ukraine. Of course we aren’t the tournament favourites and certainly don’t have the best players in Europe available to us. However like most of the country, we can’t help feel disappointed with the way the squad has been picked, the players not being selected on form, certain players being overlooked for ‘football reasons‘ and how the team looks very similar to the one that was easily knocked out at the last tournament.

Lets face it, France have a very decent starting XI. Benzema, Nasri, Ribery and co are all set to start and will give our back four an incredibly tough time. Our reply to these classy players? Well, Roy has decided to show some sort of compassion to try and get the Liverpool fans back on his side by picking 6, yes 6, players from one of the poorest teams in the EPL this season. Downing, Henderson and Carroll can count themselves very lucky to even have the words England and Euro 2012 in the same sentence as their names. To say all 3 didn’t play well this season would be the biggest understatement of the year.

Players like Holt, Richards, Carrick, Rio, Sturridge and several other players who have played well throughout the season must have been as shocked as anyone to not even get a mention when the first squad was announced. The same old names appeared in the squad and is another fine example of how the squad isn’t picked on form.

Despite a rather downbeat attitude and bewilderment at some of the crap in the squad there is still a little optimism amongst the fans. There certainly isn’t the pressure that we usually have at the beginning of a major tournament. It seems our arrogance of installing ourselves as favourite because our players get paid the most in the ‘best league in the world’ seems to have disappeared. If England can get past France then the rest of the group should be beatable. If England take each game as it comes without looking at who we are going to meet in the final then we might have a chance of progressing.

So after some office argument, this is who we want to see start against France:


We hope England play without fear and show a fighting attitude. The Netherlands received a shock 1-0 defeat to the Danes a few nights ago, which gave us all a reminder that having the best team on paper wins you a big fat nothing.

Euro 2012, England Expects..

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