The Indian Grand Prix is now over and it was another which promised so much but didn’t quite deliver. All the action really happened in the first and last few laps which led to quite a boring middle stint. The start was fantastic, Hamilton got away poorly and followed Button into the first corner but was fighting back side by side with Button when that man Fernando Alonso slipstreamed them both to surge past. The cars were then three abreast and something had to give, Hamilton ran out of space and filtered into fifth before Button was just able to come through in third. It didn’t last long however and as soon as DRS was enabled, Alonso went into third place and started hunting down the Red Bulls. Hamilton also passed Button in the DRS zone and it was looking ominous for Button with Massa less than a second behind but the Ferrari of Massa just couldn’t pass when Alonso made it look easy.

F1: Indian Grand Prix Results & Review

The race was pretty static in the middle period; Raikkonen couldn’t pass Massa despite looking quicker as well as Grosjean and Senna making their way into the points. Webber seemed to be hard on his tyres and was quickly losing time to Alonso before the first pit stops and allowed the Ferrari to be close. The gap seemed manageable by Webber however and it wasn’t until he reported a KERS issue that Alonso was able to close the gap right up and take second place using DRS once again. At this stage, Hamilton was also closing in on Webber fast and Alonso with the two McLarens were the fastest on track; it seemed on the harder tyres that Red Bull might not have such an advantage. All of a sudden, it was noticed that Vettel’s car was not riding level and sparks were flying from the underside of the car when DRS was used to pass a backmarker. This caused Christian Horner’s famous foot tapping to commence and some brief excitement in the commentary box before it seemed that Vettel’s pace wasn’t really affected and there were not enough laps left to bother him. Hamilton continued to close on Webber and just managed to get into the DRS zone on the final lap but it wasn’t enough to secure him a podium.

Here is how it finished up:

  1. Sebastian Vettel
  2. Fernando Alonso
  3. Mark Webber
  4. Lewis Hamilton
  5. Jenson Button
  6. Felipe Massa
  7. Kimi Raikkonen
  8. Nico Hulkenberg
  9. Romain Grosjean
  10. Bruno Senna

Vettel won his fourth Grand Prix in a row for what I think is the first time in his career and has now led every single lap since Lewis Hamilton retired in Singapore. Sebastian will be delighted with another win and extending his championship lead but will be scratching his head as to how Fernando Alonso finished second from a fifth place start with a car that wasn’t any quicker than the Red Bull or McLaren. With Webber having a KERS issue and a bit of panic over his floor, Sebastian will know that one slip up or mechanical failure could lose him the championship.

Looking back at my predictions, I picked Alonso and Webber correctly but my feeling that something would happen to Vettel didn’t really pay off. There was some controversy however with Vettel’s pole lap, it was reported that twice the whole of Vettel’s car crossed the white line marking the edge of the track and this is against the rules. If this was the case, the lap should not have counted leaving Vettel without a timed lap for Q3. I didn’t see this discussed however so it perhaps was not picked up upon by many people.

With such a dominant victory, no-one really knows how much extra pace Vettel had but the times between the top three teams on the harder tyre certainly looked close. Button was able to put in the fastest lap of the race and this should hopefully make things interesting for Abu Dhabi next week.



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