F1 : Monaco Grand Prix Preview

Forumula One comes to Monaco this weekend for the iconic Grand Prix that is top of most driver’s wish lists for places to grab a victory. The celebrities will be out in force despite Monaco not always producing the most exciting of races.

Spanish Grand Prix Recap

The race didn’t exactly begin in dramatic fashion and if I’m being honest, I nodded off between the start and the first set of pit stops. Similar to Bahrain, Mercedes opted to split tyre strategies between Hamilton and Rosberg which again gave an exciting finish to the race. Lewis once more claimed he was slower than Nico but was still able to hold on for victory. That could well be the difference in the championship this year, Hamilton is able to win when his team mate is having a better weekend whereas you can’t see Rosberg holding off Hamilton should the roles be reversed. It is perhaps Lewis’ ability to find that lap in Q3 which finally sees him top the championship after winning the last four races. Red Bull also had a good race securing third and fourth and although they were still a long way behind the Mercedes, they certainly seemed to have grabbed hold of the second quickest car slot. Despite having a miserable weekend and starting the race in fifteenth place, Vettel was able to show exactly why he is world champion and even finished with the fastest lap of the race.

Monaco Grand Prix Preview

Monaco is the crown jewel of F1 and is hugely popular by both fans and drivers. The track is steeped in history and the thrill comes from the knowledge that mistakes are punished because of the barriers at most corners and lack of run off areas. It is a real challenge for the drivers to be quick around Monaco and everyone is desperate to win here.

Many are predicting this to be the race that Red Bull are able to actually challenge Mercedes for the race win as Mercedes’ superior power won’t be so influential. Looking back to last year however, Mercedes locked out the front row of the grid in qualifying and the Red Bulls only passed Hamilton during the race because of a safety car error, going back two years and Michael Schumacher qualified first. This leads me to believe that Mercedes are generally strong in Monaco anyway and even if their power advantage counts for less, it will still count for something and probably be enough to secure pole position and thus win the race. This may be an opportunity however to see how Ferrari match up against the other teams with Mercedes engines and whether it is just power they concede or if there are more issues with the car. In all likelihood, whoever takes pole here will win due to the limited overtaking opportunities and one man is currently head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to that quick lap on Saturday.

Race Predictions

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Nico Rosberg
  3. Sebastian Vettel
  4. Daniel Ricciardo
  5. Fernando Alonso

Who else can you predict to win but Lewis Hamilton at the moment? The Mercedes are streaks ahead of everyone else and Lewis just has that something extra special in his locker. Red Bull may be closer than the previous races this season but don’t expect them to mount a serious challenge. It’s possible that they may get on the front row as the Mercedes drivers will have less room for error but it will need a poor lap from both Nico and Lewis for there to be anything but a Mercedes on pole. Vettel should be full of confidence following his performance in Spain so this may be the time when he starts to show Ricciardo who is the team number one.

The Monaco Grand Prix is live on Sky with highlights on the BBC, here are the times:

Qualifying – Green light – 13:00
Sky F1 – 12:00 – 15:00
BBC 1 – 17:25 – 18:40 (highlights)

Race – Lights out – 13:00
Sky F1 – 12:00 – 15:30
BBC 1 – 17:05 – 18:35 (highlights)

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