F1 : Spanish Grand Prix Preview

It’s been three weeks since the last race in China and it feels like an absolute age. Does that make it a great season so far or perhaps a bad one? I’m going for great, and the season is really starting to hot up now. Three weeks is a huge amount of time in Formula One development, so all eyes will be on which team has made the most of it.

Chinese Grand Prix Recap

Another interesting race if you ignore the dominant Lewis Hamilton who cruised to his third straight win. There were more inter-team battles and conflicts when Vettel refused to obey the team orders of letting Ricciardo past as they were on a similar strategy. This is another race where the young Australian has beaten Vettel for pace and responding to this could be Vettel’s toughest challenge to date. While the Mercedes of Hamilton was peerless out front, Rosberg found it a little more difficult to come through the field to his second place finish after dropping to sixth on the opening lap. A lack of telemetry may have prevented Nico from utilising the full pace of his car however. A return to form put Alonso onto the podium in front of the two Red Bull’s so the top five had a more familiar look.

Spanish Grand Prix Preview

The European stint of the season starts in Spain, and Hamilton has already picked up where he left off in China by dominating both Friday practice sessions. The hope that at least one of the teams has brought upgrades significant enough to stop the Mercedes are already looking a little slim, but Fernando Alonso will hope that home advantage will spur him on enough to challenge. If Mercedes do get a front row lock out in qualifying, the start will be crucial as Barcelona has the longest straight from the start line to first corner. It is still remarkable that the man who has won three out of the four races so far isn’t leading the championship, but another win for Hamilton will change that.

Race Predictions

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Nico Rosberg
  3. Fernando Alonso
  4. Daniel Ricciardo
  5. Jenson Button

A little hard to call as all the teams will have brought huge upgrades for Spain but the early indications are that Mercedes will again be dominant. Hamilton seems to be in a class of his own at the moment and you would think that a car issue will be needed to stop him. A return to form for McLaren this weekend would nice to see!

The Spanish Grand Prix is live on Sky and the BBC, here are the times:

Qualifying – Green light – 13:00
BBC 1 – 12:20 – 14:30
Sky F1 – 12:00 – 14:35

Race – Lights out – 13:00
BBC 1 – 12:15 – 15:15
Sky F1 – 12:00 – 15:30

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