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FIFA 14 World Cup Review

With the World Cup in Brazil only 51 days away it is time to brace yourselves for the Global marketing juggernaut to kick into action. FIFA 14 World Cup is now out on Xbox 360 and PS3 and has been given the expected Brazilian samba-treatment. And after spending the past few days playing the game, we think it’s rather good.

Gameplay Tweaks

If you have played FIFA 14 (and if you haven’t make sure you read our review) the new gameplay tweaks are noticeable from the beginning. The gameplay appeared to be a little more frantic with more goal-mouth scrambles than we ever noticed in FIFA 14. The players directional movements with the ball are even more fluid than before thanks to the all-new control system which features two new mechanics: Response Dribbling and Pinpoint Passing. Crossing the ball from the wings also requires more skill – our crossing ability went from the accuracy of ‘Beckham‘ all the way down to the ability of ‘Nani‘ in the first game.

Another new feature that is well worth using are the custom set-piece tactics. You can quickly instruct your players when lining up a corner to run to the front or back post, crowd the goal-keeper or hang back on the edge of the box. We like this extra customisation and gives another dimension to the game rather than just holding down the button and lobbing the ball into the box.

Over-the-back headers, new penalty kick mechanics and adidas ball physics are the other new features in this version of the game.


Fancy Crowd Animations

One of the most noticeable things during the game are the brand new crowd scenes that appear throughout the game. The crowd looks more life-like and realistic then ever before and appear to have independent animations, rather than the swaying in one direction as they do in previous FIFA versions. Score a goal with England and the game will cut to a fan scene in Trafalgar Square where the England supporters will be going wild. Add to this new fireworks, streamers and confetti to the stadiums in Brazil, they have really done a good job in bringing the samba-atmosphere to life.


World Cup Game Modes

If you would like to see your team do better than they normally would (applies to all England fans), FIFA 14 World Cup features several game modes to get stuck into.

  • Road to the FIFA World Cup™ – Choose from any of the 203 National Teams sanctioned by FIFA and play with up to 32 players locally through the qualifying rounds, and proceed on to the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.
  • Road to Rio de Janeiro™ – Compete online with any of the 203 National Teams and progress across a map of Brazil’s 12 host cities.
  • Captain your Country – The popular FIFA game mode returns. Work your way through the squad list and lead your country through qualifying and to FIFA World Cup glory.
  • Story of Qualifying – Over 60 real scenarios taken directly from 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying.

Is it Worth Buying?

Tough one to answer. If you have FIFA 14 and love your club football then probably not. If you want to play FIFA 14.5 with a glimpse of things to come in FIFA 15 and want to get into the full World Cup spirit, then most definitely. It feels like there is more than enough here to keep you entertained with a variety of game modes, improved gameplay action and the feeling that greatest football tournament is just around the corner. Give the game a go and take England past the quarter final stage – for once.

It is also worth noting that the FIFA 14 World Cup game is only available on Xbox 360 and PS3 and not the Xbox One or PS4.

Average Joes Review Score – 8/10
Console Tested – Xbox 360




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