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Fish Hunter Sonar

Fishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with the summer approaching more of us will be heading down the lake with our mates to show off our true ‘hunter gather’ type skills. And if you have a little advantage when you go? All the better! Fish Hunter is a fish hunting app that uses sonar to locate the best fishing spots. The aptly named (and tongue twisting) FishHunter Fishfinder comes in two parts: a baseball-sized sonar device, and an accompanying app which connects to the device using Bluetooth.

So once you’ve found a good fishing spot, attach the sonar pod with a piece of line and allow it to float nearby. The pod will then send out 4 pings per second in order to analyse what lies beneath the murky waters up to a depth of 36 metres. Once this information has been gathered, Bluetooth enables the app to give you a detailed image of the fishing area, including the topography of the bottom of the lake (or river, sea, etc.) As well as this, the app will point out the depth and location of nearby fish.

The app, which is free and called FishHunter Pro, is able to stand alone by itself and includes a great deal of information, including bait and habitat for different species. In addition, the fact that you’re using your smart phone means you are immediately able to record details of catches, take photographs (there’s even a photo contest for the most impressive catch) and mark your location using GPS.


Of course, there are many who view fishing as a peaceful pursuit; a chance to be at one with nature. Such people are unlikely to be tempted by the Fishfinder. The company sees the world very much as a battle of Man v Fish, and technology, it seems, is the only way we’re going to win this war. As the app itself states:
‘Once upon a time, fish were in charge. Men would wait for them to bite. Then FishHunter came along and changed the game of fishing!’

Nonetheless, for those with aren’t worried about cheating their way to a catch, the Fishfinder could be an ideal companion. Failing that, you could always go and look for Nessy.

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