Game Golf Live

Playing golf can be frustrating enough without having to remind yourself to fill in your scorecard. Which is why we love the Game Golf Live, the industry’s first wearable, real-time shot tracker!

The Game Golf Live works with both iOS and Android smartphone platforms. The idea is simple – the wearable device tracks and captures your round of golf and displays the data during or afterwards on your mobile device.

The device itself is a small, lightweight device that Joes wear on their waist. The only other bit of kit that’s needed is an individual sensor tag that you attach to the top of the grip on each club. But don’t worry, these won’t affect your swing – they’re feather-light.

Using GPS, motion sensors and near-field communication technology, the tags pair with the waist-worn device and your scores automatically record around the course. Location of the hole, club used, distance and accuracy are all stored.

There’s also a load of handy tips that will be given after your round to help you pinpoint areas where you can improve. Although, if you’re anything like us, we don’t need a computer telling us improvement is needed in ‘all areas.’

We used the original Game Golf, which was released last year, and loved it. The only thing it was lacking was real-time updates on your round – so the Game Golf Live sounds perfect to us. We hope they’ve also tweaked the interface as it was slightly unfriendly when editing your data on the laptop.

Game Golf Live will be available at a number of retailers in the UK from 9th November, including American Golf, at around £249.99. If you’ve already got the original Game Golf and fancy the upgrade, you’ve got until 11th November to get Live for £99.99. Check out the Game Golf Website for more details.