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Game Golf Tracking System

Here at Average Joes we are all big golf fans though would probably be classed as keen rather than pro. That doesn’t stop us from loving the idea of statistics and the ability to track our rounds with ease – it is 2014 after all. The one continuous issue with modern day golf apps is whilst they have good statistics (Golf Shot for example), you have to enter all details manually and that just becomes a general pain in the backside. One company has created a potentially very clever solution, Game Golf tracking system.

The Game Golf system comprises of two key elements – tracking tags and a small base unit that clips onto your belt. When you receive the tracking system you assign a tag to each club in your bag using the web dashboard and then you are ready to hit the golf course. For any tracking system to work and become part of a golfers routine it needs to be simple and effortless to use. This system seems to have achieved this to perfection with each shot being tracked by simply touching the top of your golf club (where the tag is located) to the base unit on your belt. A small vibration lets you know that the shot is being recorded and you can carry on lining up your shot.

At the end of your round you download the data to your computer via USB and your entire round can be seen visually on the well designed dashboard. The wealth of data available seems to be excellent with everything from GIR, fairways hit, average driving distance as well as a birds-eye, shot-by-shot view of your performance on each hole. While there are plenty of apps on the market that can give you this data already, we haven’t found one that integrates seamlessly into our rounds. Pulling our smartphones out and selecting a club each time becomes tedious very quickly, and not to mention the fact that we don’t want to be spending a large amount of time on our phones during a round.


This detailed level of data might not appeal to all golf players but as we now live in a world where we demand technology and feedback in all aspects of our lives, the Game Golf system has to be one of the top golf accessories we have come across. The fact that every club is tagged and the system knows each time you use a particular club can unlock valuable data about how you perform with each club. It will allow you to analyse your performance on each hole and find out what you optimum distance is with each club. This is the type of data that can truly affect your golf performance in a positive way, far more than knowing how many times you sliced it and missed the fairway will ever tell you (apart from that fact that you need to cure that slice – quickly).

Our only issue is the lack of an active sync to save a USB connection, and the fact you will still need a GPS or distance finder for shot lengths. SO close, yet so far. Just like our golf!

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