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Garmin Varia Rearview Radar

Cycling safety is a hot topic these days and one of the main issues cyclists around the world face is not being able to see what’s approaching behind you. Garmin are looking to address that with their Varia Rearview Radar.

The world’s first cycling radar, the Garmin Varia is essentially a sensor and display that sits on your handlebars to alert you to vehicles approaching from behind up you 140m away. That’s a longer distance than any other system has been able to provide before.

Creating a safer cycling environment, the radar tail light also warns approaching vehicles of a cyclist ahead. It can work independently or integrates seamlessly with compatible Edge cycling computers. The Varia head unit can show multiple approaching vehicles and indicates the relative speed of approach and threat level.

The threat for cyclist from behind is very real with getting hit from behind being the leading cause of cycling fatalities in the States.

The Garmin Varia line of cycling awareness products also includes smart headlights and tail lights. When paired with select Edge bike computers, these bike lights help to create safer riding conditions by adjusting the beam focus point according to a bike’s speed and matching brightness to changing light conditions.

These are no ordinary light – as speed increases, the headlight focuses further down the road to project light to where it’s needed most and brings it closer as you slow. As ambient light fades or gets brighter, both the headlight and tail light adjust automatically when paired with a light-sensing Edge 1000 bike computer.

It’s all pretty ingenious stuff and could genuinely save some lives. You can get hold of the Garmin Varia Rearview Radar and Tail Light for around £300. Check out the Garmin Website for more spec information.




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