go-e ONwheel

If you find cycling to work every day a bit of a chore, help is on its way in the form of the go-e ONwheel, which turn yours humble ride into a motorised e-bike within seconds… plus 5 minutes for initial installation.

Considering the go-e’s weight of just 850g, it puts out a pretty impressive maximum output of up to 800 Watts – more than enough to get you up that hill! Initially, however, the ONwheel is set to 250W with maximal speed of 25 km/h so it meets EU-regulations. The amount of assistance you get can also be controlled with the buttons on the handle bar or in the go-e app.

You can mount and demount the ONwheel motor from your bike in just five seconds and the motor only engages when you are pedalling, otherwise it doesn’t even touch your wheel thanks to the in-built sensors.

The initial installation requires installing the mounting unit on your bike stand plate, which is located between the pedals and the rear wheel. If you don’t have a bicycle stand plate, panic not, a substitution plate is included with every mounting kit.

Go-e say it will only take 5 minutes to install all necessary parts on your bike and you don’t even need any special tools, just a few screwdrivers which are also included. Once the mounting kit is screwed in, just plug in your motor and battery and you’re done. Cycling in a moderate power level should give you approximately 60km battery range.

Naturally there’s a smart app where you can control your motor, change your settings, use cycle maps and check the stats from your trip. It’s also water resistant, which is handy for with our great weather.

The great thing about the ONwheel motor is it’s far more versatile than a conventional e-bike. You just mount it when you want to ride with additional power; otherwise you can leave it at home or turn it off.

The go-e ONwheel is being sold on Kickstater having already made its target with over 20 days to go. You can get hold of your own e-bike converter for around £360 (€499). It’s not cheap but certainly cheaper than buying a new e-bike outright! Check out the go-e ONwheel Kickstarter Website for more details.