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The choice between walking around the course or grabbing a buggy is a bone of contention for many golfers. But now there’s a third choice: ride down the 18th on your very own GolfBoard!

The GolfBoard was created by a California-based team that previously built electric mountain boards – you can tell from the design. Imagine a snowboard on wheels and you’re pretty much there.

Just like those boards, the GolfBoard features 4-wheel drive via two 36-volt motors, which is said to allow the board to retain traction even on wet grass, and also to not harm the fairways by spinning out of control. The use of big and soft tyres help avoid damage to the greens too, although we’re not sure taken the GolfBoard on them is the right etiquette…

It has a top speed of 12 mph, and its 25,000-mAh lithium-ion battery pack should allow its user to cover at least 18 holes on one charge. It only requires two hours to fully recharge as well.

Steering is pretty simple and is achieved by your bog-standard leaning action – just like a snowboard. Acceleration, deceleration, and a handy reverse option are controlled using a Bluetooth hand-held remote. Riders will get to choose between using a multi-use bag mount/stability handle or carrying their bag while using the optional foot straps.

It might seem like a novelty, but no more than a golf buggy – not to mention it’s a little more practical on those Par 3s! We can’t guarantee you won’t get dodgy looks, however. The GolfBoard is compatible with majority of the golf bags out there and is available now for a Recommended Retail Price of £3249 in the UK. Check out more info at the GolfBoard Website.




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