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GoPro Hero Wide Camera

GoPro Hero Wide Camera

The GoPro Hero Camera is a go anywhere, do anything video and still camera. Aimed at sports enthusiasts, it uses flash memory, and is waterproof so can be used pretty much anywhere! The camera has a range of extra mounts and straps allowing you to attached it to; handlebars, helmets, chests, surfboards, snowboards/skis, cars, – pretty much anything!

Down to the nitty gritty – The camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Now while this may make everything (such as jumps) look smaller, the wideangle produces excellent light collection and pretty blur / shake free imagery. The housing is tough plastic casing, locked tight allowing the camera to be waterproof to submerge it upto 100 feet.

Video quality comes in at 512×384, and works well on cloudy days, and even better in bright environments. Still pictures come in at 5MP and will record continuously at 2 or 5 second intervals. The f/2.8 lens has 170-degree field of vision which allows for better light sensitivity, and full views of you nailing a trick, or falling off and breaking bones.

SD cards are used for storage, while it eats 2xAAA batteries to keep it alive. With a couple of batteries and 2GB of storage expect just under an hour of video or 2000 pics, even in cold weather when battery performance tends to be a little worse.

You can grab the camera and case from about £120 which I think is pretty cheap, then expect a £160 – £180 total when you start adding various mount kits.

I am looking into getting one for a wakeboarding holiday over Easter and with payday tomorrow, expect it on my head by the weekend!

Even if you don’t want one, check out some of the videos, absolutely crazy!

Taken from a GoPro Hero Wide

Taken from a GoPro Hero Wide



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