While watching Danny Willett become only the second Englishman to ever win the US Masters at the weekend, we couldn’t help but feel something was missing. Well, today we think we’ve figured out what it was – a 3D printed 1 Iron!

Grismont 3D-Printed Golf Irons

Yes, designed by famed Parisian artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, Grismont’s Driving Irons are some of the first golf clubs on the planet to be made by 3D printing – they’re also undoubtedly the finest!

The Irons-only Grismont clubs contain a game-improvement cavity which adds forgiveness to the power, making them perfect for golfers of all handicaps. (Though, mainly for golfers with a lot of spare cash!)

Grismont 3D Printed Driving Irons Ces
There are three different head designs and each is available in either a 1, 2 or 3 Iron. The clubs are hand polished and are also available with 24-carat gold leaf mainly just so Grismont can show off.

All designs were inspired by the new possibilities of 3D printing and their eastern origins, and, as such, the first design is the Cés, a tribute to ancestral Asian sculptures. The Ori was inspired by Moucharabieh architecture, with lines reminiscent of Oriental palaces.

Grismont 3D Printed Driving Irons Air
Our favourite from the range, however, is the Air, a design which started with the idea of creating the most modern golf club ever. We think they’ve succeeded with a semi-translucent design that would turn heads on any golf course – even Augusta National!

If you like the idea of hitting the fairways with your own luxury 3D-printed clubs then head over to the Grismont Website where you can grab a Driving Iron from around £1,195 (€1490). We recommend you probably keep them with the caddy and seriously well covered…

Grismont 3D Printed Driving



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