Rio is underway and we are currently glued to the screen watching as much coverage as we can! As you know, we are partial to a little bit of sailing and have been training with Helly Hansen all year in prep for our own race. Great Britain are yet again likely to dominate the water and are heading for another great Olympics. Whilst it hasn’t always been windy in Rio, it has always been fun! The issue is; what are all these different classes and what do they mean? We break it down for you!

Guide to Rio 2016: Sailing

Now, the medals are not decided on a single race, this is more regatta form so there may be up to 8 races with points awarded for position. At the end of the week the points are then tallied up and the winner decided. In terms of the boats, we have a total of six different classes of sailing at Rio, and this is a little rundown on each.

Sailing: Laser Class

Probably the most popular type of sailing in the world. If you have ever tried it on holiday it would have likely been in a type of Laser Dinghy. One person, a tiny boat and a pretty good chance of capsize make this super fun and exciting! Alison Young being GBR’s chance in the Laser Radial.

Sailing: Finn Class

A touch larger than the Laser and perhaps more traditional. Great Britain stand a super chance of taking gold in this one and Giles Scott has already started well! Only men compete in Finn class.

Sailing: 470 Class

The 470 class is a larger type of dinghy which has two members to each boat. GBR will have Hannah Mills & Saskia Clark in the female and Chris Grube & Luke Patience in the male class.


Sailing: Nacra 17 Class

This is a mixed event with two crew members (one male and one female) on a twin hull sailing yacht. These things are incredibly fast and great fun. The multi-hull design allows for a more stable (most of the time!) sail thus enabling faster speeds across the water. We had a play on a similar thing in Barbados and it was some of the best fun I have ever had!

Sailing: 49er Class

Deemed as Skiff (whatever that might be..) this is another two person team on what can only be described as a dinghy with wings! It is incredibly energentic and frantic with much reaching and weight distribution across the boat. Has to be one of the most visually exciting sailing events.

Sailing: RS:X Class

Perhaps not technically sailing, but it is under the sailing category. RS:X somehow stands for Windsurfing.. Nick Dempsey is GBR’s main medal hope and it hotly tipped by many!

There we have it, a rundown on the different classes for Olympics 2016 in Rio. The racing is still going on so catch it all on the BBC from Marina da Gloria in Guanabara Bay.




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