Upcycling is in. And while we’ve tried our best, we’ve never been truly sold on the fad as we feel it’s always been missing one thing. Yes, you got – a wristband made from World Cup footballs! Well, thank the Lord for Handspiel, makers of upcycled armbands made out of official match balls played in past Euros and World Cups!

Handspiel World Cup Football Wristbands

Handspiel ‘armbands’, as they’re calling them, are hand-crafted pieces of leather taken out of authentic footballs gathered from pitches all over the world. Driven by the idea that cheaply manufactured items such as pillow cases, ashtrays, garden gnomes and toasters aren’t doing the job, Handspiel want to help the football fan to feel closer to the beautiful game.

Every ball has its own story. Some balls were played with during official FIFA matches – one such example is the 1990 World Cup Final ball – whereas other balls were used during trainings of first league teams.

Handspiel World Cup Football Wristbands 4
After receiving the footballs from Handspiel’s ‘special partner clubs’ around Europe, the balls are cleaned to remove the grass, dirt and dust before sending them off to for manufacture. There the footballs are affectionately upcycled by hand.

Handspiel wristbands come in three different sizes and you’ll get sent a quick survey to work out your size before shipping. The standard wristbands are made from footballs that have been used in a local junior league football club. While they might not have been televised, Handspiel are keen to point out they’ll have their own unique history.

Handspiel World Cup Football Wristbands 3
While we can’t quite get on board with the standards, the World Cup and Euro limited editions are kind of cool. Our obvious worry is the authenticity. While Handspiel guarantee it, as far as we can tell no specific info on the match ball comes with your bracelet.

The Handspiel World Cup football wristbands are being sold through Kickstarter, where they’ve reached their modest target. Prices start around the £16 mark for the standard Junior League Football wristband and go up to around £33 for a World Cup Edition Handspiel. A special Collectors Box with 5 bands in comes in at £150. So they’re not cheap either!

Handspiel World Cup Football Wristbands 2



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