The modern gym going man knows the abundance of health supplements and nutritional products on the market today means choosing the right blend can be a minefield. Consequently, we were excited when Herbalife kindly sent us over some samples from their new Herbalife 24 range, nutritional supplements billed as ‘Nutrition for the 24-Hour Athlete’. Check out our Herbalife 24 Review below.

Herbalife 24 Review

The range features 5 products designed to offer ’round-the-clock’ nutritional support, featuring a meal replacement (Formula 1 Sport), electrolyte solution (Hydrate), blended protein (Rebuild Strength), and two protein-carbohydrate formulas, one for post workout (Rebuild Endurance) and one for peri-workout (Prolong).

Even though it really shouldn’t be, everyone’s major concern with nutritional supplements is the taste – that figures, as you’re going to be chugging one down every morning, or every workout, you’ll tire quickly if you don’t like it. The Formula 1 Sport tastes AMAZING. A good start for Herbalife then. However, the major issue with these ‘designer’ supplements is that they’re often loaded with sugar, and it seems Herbalife is no different – in 100 grams – 29grams of carbs, 28grams are sugar! I’m just picking on this as I don’t see the need for all the sugar in a meal replacement powder. The protein content is good (35 grams) of which 43% is milk protein which will keep you fuller for longer. It also contains a full range of vitamins and minerals with each serving providing between 35-50% of your RDA. In their defence, the sugars are fructose and sucrose (e.g. both naturally occurring) so it’s not all bad, but it does make you wonder why some complex carbohydrates weren’t included.

You can also see that Herbalife have given it some thought when it comes to the ‘extras’ in the proteins – Rebuild Strength contains around 40% of your RDA of 9 vitamins and minerals, in addition to 25g of protein, 4.3 g of BCAAs and 1.7g of L-Glutamine per serving. Disappointingly, the L-Leucine content is lower than that of the other two BCAAs, even though it’s been proven that of all three, L-Leucine is the most important for anabolic results. Some is better than none however. Similarly, Rebuild Endurance, the post workout shake, contains a good level of carbs and protein (36g and 10g respectively), and features whey isolate, which is quickly absorbed by the body.

Nitpicking aside, all the Herbalife 24 products taste great (though Citrus is a desired taste!!) and provide a nice balance of macronutrients whatever your needs may be. They also provide a great selection of vitamins to assist in your fitness goals, and definitely take a lot of the planning out of organising your supplements, which is a major factor as we’re robbed of our time at every turn. I’d definitely pick and choose products as you need them though, because it’s doubtful that many gym goers would need a powder almost made up wholly of carbohydrates or an electrolyte solution!


Written by James Schofield,



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