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Home of Football Campaign

After more than 150 years without a permanent home in the city of Sheffield, the World’s First Football Club, Sheffield FC, want to go back to their original birthplace and they need your help to do it.

From 1857 until 1862, Sheffield FC’s home ground was a field in Olive Grove, in the heart of Sheffield. Olive Grove is located within a traditional working-class district of the city and is today used as a ground for local cricketers. Sheffield FC were granted a free land lease by the local Council to relocate to Olive Grove. But at present, the site doesn’t have the facilities to host senior games.

This is where you come in. Sheffield FC need funding to relocate to the true home of football. £150,000 will be used to level out the land and seed fresh grass plus pay for basic construction work and architectural planning.

While some campaigns we’ve seen don’t offer too much in the way of incentives, the Home of Football campaign is offering some brilliant perks if you get involved. For £5 you can get your name on the Supporter’s Wall, which will be donned on a banner next to the pitch, a lifetime season ticket will only cost you £500 (not much compared to modern prices) and naturally there’s plenty of FC Sheffield merch you can get your hands on.

Our personal favourite, however, is for £35 you can get the official Sheffield Rulebook that was developed between 1857 and 1859 by the pioneers of Sheffield FC and indicates some of football’s first rules and laws to establish the modern game we know today. A genuine piece of football history!

The Home of Football Campaign is being run on crowd-funding website Indiegogo and with campaigns like this having been a success in the past for clubs like FC United of Manchester, we’re hoping the football community can behind Sheffield FC in the same way. So get over to the Home of Football Indiegogo Page and get pledging to save a piece of the beautiful game’s history!




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