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Hövding Airbag Helmet

With more and more of us leaving our cars in the garage and donning two wheels to work, cycling safety is a hot topic these days. Particularly in urban areas where bus and taxi drivers are less than accommodating at times. A helmet is obviously essentially, but we’ve come across a very unusual alternative. Feast your eyes on the Hövding airbag for cyclists.

The Hövding looks a lot like a neck-brace when not inflated and contains sensors that tell it when you’re in trouble. A sudden and catastrophic deceleration or acceleration will cause it to activate and protect your head exactly like a helmet would.

But how much will it protect you? The makers say 3x more than a regular helmet! The technology behind it means that the Hövding instantly provides support to your neck which prevents whiplash or even worse, as well as obviously giving you protection to your head. It also greatly reduces the effects of G force as you fly over the handlebars.

It’s calibrated so it won’t go off if you’re mounting a gigantic curb or experimenting with your top-of-the-range breaks. It charges via USB and you’ll get around 9 hours of use out of it before you’ll hear an alarm to tell you it needs charging.

An independent test by fellow Swedish insurance company Folksam found “the chances of a serious head injury were reduced by over 90% when wearing a Hövding, in a collision at 25kph.” That will do us just fine.

It sounds like a great bit of technology that could really save some lives. And while we doubt we’ll see Chris Froome sporting one anytime soon, we also think it looks great when deflated and far more flattering than a standard helmet. It will also save you some serious hat-hair. Obviously it looks, shall we say, futuristic when it explodes into life but we doubt you’ll be worrying about how look when it’s stopped your head contacting concrete!

The biggest problem is the cost. The Hövding airbag helmet will set you back a whopping £249. You’d also have to buy another if you deploy your bag. Although you can buy a replacement at a reduced rate. But Hövding say that some insurance companies will cover the cost of replacement just like it does helmets. Take a look at the Hövding Website for more details!




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