How to Use a Weight Bench at Home

Having gym equipment at home can be useful for many reasons. As well as offering the flexibility of being able to keep on top of your workouts whenever you have time, it can also give you some much needed added motivation when the thought walking to the gym is more daunting than the treadmill itself. But we think you should be considering bolstering your home gym with one key item; a weight bench. Here’s why…


Why Should I Get a Weight Bench?

If you’re already fully set up with dumbbells and barbells at home, then a weights bench is the next logical step and can make all the difference to your strength-based training. While they may seem like an expensive seat, weight benches actually fulfil some very important roles; namely, offering you support and grip through a full range of movements, and often the flexibility of more than one movement at a time.

They’re extremely versatile and you can get benches in all shapes and sizes to suit your particular workout regime – take a look at Technogym benches for inspiration. Some are flat for activities like bench pressing, and some are upright and feature padded backs if you’re focusing on your core and lower body. You can also get adjustable benches, so you can slide them to an incline or decline position.


How Do I Use a Weight Bench?

Using a weight bench does depend on what bench you have, what you’re looking to achieve with your workout and your body size. But there are some key things to remember no matter your routine;

Experiment with the angle of your bench – find out what works for you. When performing the likes of chest exercises, inclining the bench just a couple of degrees can allow you to work muscle fibres higher up in your chest, while declining the bench emphasizes your lower chest. Just be careful not to change the angle too radically, too quickly for risk of injury.


Use a bench for support – when performing the likes of overhead lifts or bicep curls, make sure you adjust the seat so it sits perfectly for you. Support equal protection and also ensures you get the most out of your workout as you’re relying solely on muscle power.

Keep your feet flat on the floor or flat on the bench – whichever is more comfortable. Don’t put your feet up in the air as it creates an unstable position.


This post has been sponsored by Technogym but all words are our own.