Iron Gym Push Up Max

With the winter closing in around us and there being some serious weather warnings on the horizon it might be time to start planning for that day snowed in at home.

Get some shopping in, get a box set on the go on that fancy new Sky package and when it is time for your daily work out, it might need to happen in the comfort of your living room.

Finnish fitness brand Iron Gym have a range of multifunctional equipment which is designed to be easy to use in the home, with the Push Up Max being the most portable and easy to use bit of kit on offer. The Push Up Max comes with 3 in 1 functionality coming complete with non slip grips capable of supporting bodyweight up to 125kg (or a shade under 20 stones), which with the rotating function will enable you to do press ups without putting unnecessary strain on your wrists and hands. It also comes with instability pads which make the press up more difficult by offering a less stable base to carry them out on, meaning core stabilisers have to work harder to keep you stable and the elevation racks change the angle of the exercise to keep shocking your muscles into growth.

The Push Up Max is priced at £34.95 and could be your winter workout saviour.