The Jawbone UP24 is one of a new breed of wearable fitness trackers, an increasing market in the fitness world that is set to explode in 2014 after growing at a rapid rate and with all the big brands like LG, Nike, adidas and Fitibt, alongside smaller indie developers such as the Misfits Shine, coming to the fore. But how does the new Jawbone UP24 compare?

Jawbone UP24 Review

A quick trip down memory lane – the first iteration of the Jawbone UP was something of a… disaster. The UP band had more issues than a Top Gear magazine – many customers had to replace their bands several times and the brands reputation took quite a battering. The only positive note for Jawbone is that the next band they produced could only get better. And it has. A lot better infact. After living with the Jawbone UP24 for a few weeks it’s time to give you our review and verdict.

So what Does the UP 24 do?

This is a fitness tracker that tracks your movements and sleep. It also has the functionality to input all of your meals and drinks into the iOS/Android app. It knows when you are moving and when you are stationary. It also knows if this stationary period is likely to be you sleeping or just watching Fargo.

Jawbone UP 24 Looks

The UP24 is available in Onyx, Persimmon, Lemon Lime and Pink Coral. We have been wearing the persimmon band and it certainly grabs peoples attention. We have had several people take an interest and then remove the band to try on themselves – which isn’t annoying at all.

The textured surface and sleek styling does allow you to wear the band in any setting, whether you are in the office or down the pub with friends. Adding colour to your outfit is never a bad thing after all and we would say it is the most stylish of all the fitness trackers so far.


How accurately does it track my sleep activities?

Having never recorded any of my sleep activity before I don’t have anything to compare the UP24 data to. My usual routine of lights off, toilet trip at 3am and waking up in the same place the next morning hasn’t varied much for a while now.

We are constantly told that we need to get between 7-8 hours quality sleep per night to stay fit and healthy. The UP 24 does a brilliant job of tracking your sleep and then showing you exactly how you slept that night. The data is scarily accurate as it knows every time you wake up, how long it took you to fall asleep and measures when you were in a light and deep sleep throughout the night. But how true that is? I guess we will never know.

What the Jawbone UP 24 app does with your data is the most interesting part. Remember when you moved out of your parents house and you could stay up past midnight without being told off? Well that all changes now. The band looks at the amount of sleep you are getting each night and if it is below your target it will encourage you to go to bed at a certain time. Not only is it telling you to go bed earlier it recommends a specific time you should go to bed. If you miss this recommended new bed time it will ask you the question why you have missed it and ask you to agree to go to bed earlier the next day. Thanks mom.


Other fitness trackers have displays and the Jawbone doesn’t – does this matter?

The Nike + fuelband and Fitbit Force both have displays that show data on a small screen and use these as unique selling points. Our question is this: why is it important to see a vast quantity of data on a very small screen when the alternative is seeing it on your smartphone? The UP24 is constantly collecting data and any time you want to see your daily stats you just need to open up the app. How often is your smartphone more than 5 feet away from your side? This is why a grainy small display on your band isn’t necessary, not to mention the advantages to battery life.

Weekly Email

The UP24 sends out a weekly email that analyses and reviews your weekly activity. The email tells you which day you slept the most on, a chart of how much sleep you got per night, average time you went to bed, average time you woke up, how far you have moved that week, which time during the day you are most idle and much more. If nothing else this sort of data is truly fascinating. The band gives you an insight into how you live your life like nothing we have used before. I find myself subconsciously trying to make sure I move during my most idle time – which is apparently between 2-3pm. And no it isn’t nap time.


The UP24 does a good job of tracking most of aspects of your life but it only scratches the surface. We would love to have a band that could track everything from time in the office through to what gym workout we did. This may be asking a lot but there are products coming on to the market with this sort of capability in the next couple of years.

Jawbone UP24 Review Verdict

Will the band change you life? No. Will the UP24 give you insights, data and suggestions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Yes. The trouble with these lifestyle/fitness trackers is that on their own they are just a wearable data collection device. If you want to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle you still need to exercise regularly and you still need to eat healthy food. We’re hoping for more integration with some of our favourite fitness apps (Endomondo etc) and other lifestyle apps as we are still using secondary products to track gym workouts that can’t be synced to the Jawbone where an all in one solution would be much more favourable.

What we found most useful is the weekly summary that shows your sleeping habits. Seeing what time you went to bed over the course of the week really hits home when you realise that you haven’t been to bed before 2am and goes some way in explaining why you can’t produce a single bit of work before 10am without 3 large coffees. Just don’t forget to input the amount of coffee you had into the app.

Average Joes Rating – 7/10
Buy: Jawbone website.
Cost – £125




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