US fitness and innovation brand Wahoo Fitness have released their KICKR Power Trainer in the UK. The trainer is set to revolutionise the cycle trainer market as it connects to your iPhone or iPad, enabling the user full resistance control of their ride.

KICKR iPhone Controlled Cycle Trainer

The Atlanta based firm have designed the trainer to be compatible with a variety of cycle apps, and these app based workouts allow the user to increase or decrease resistance, structure interval workouts or most excitingly simulate rear world bike courses all from their smart device.

The trainer works using a ‘wheel off’ design where the rear wheel is removed and connected straight to the KICKR Power Trainer ensuring a true-to-road feel and a possible gradient of up to 15%, with the Trainer directly measuring power output for readings along your ride. You can then view your terrain while you ride on your mobile device to see where you are going in order that you don’t get bored of staring at that same spot in the room.

Check out the video here:

Practically speaking, the design of the trainer will fit in to any home gym, spare room or garage with a simple black and silver design. It is fairly portable weighing 21kg and just requires a power connection.

The KICKR Power Trainer retails at £999 and can be bought in select stores nows, and from Apple in and August onwards.



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