Introducing KJUS – Your New Favourite Golfwear

KJUS, a brand new to us, so no doubt to you too. Let’s start with some background. Founded in 2000 by Norwegian ski legend Lasse Kjus, from the off KJUS aimed big; “We had the vision to make the finest and best performing sportswear on the market.” 19 years later, the Swiss-based brand is famous, not only for its ski collections, but also its ground-breaking golf gear. Never one to need an excuse to hit the course, we tested out some of KJUS’ golfwear to see how it performed.

The range is full and plentiful as you would expect and it is nice to see a brand stick to what it knows – in this case performance clothing. There are a full range of waterproofs, trousers, midlayers, polos and, of course, hats.

Developed fabrics and cuts are designed to give you more freedom during the golf swing and be tailored to golfers’ needs: be it by sheltering you from wind or rain, or by cooling you down when need protecting from the sun. We grabbed three key pieces and have broken each one down to help…


Men’s Luan Short Sleeve Polo – £59.00
Whilst many of us just wait for a sale and grab a couple of random t-shirts, a true golf cut like KJUS makes all the difference. Whilst the t-shirt still looked very fitted, it seemed incredibly loose where it needed to be through the swing, which gave a better feel of freedom. Available in a range of colours and with the subtle pin prick detailing on the collar, I really enjoyed wearing this shirt.

It was a hot an humid day with a few thunderstorms around but it still kept me feeling cool and fresh. Made from a 4-way stretch fabric it dries really quickly and apparently has an antibacterial finish for added freshness. It even comes with built-in UV protection (UPF 30+) which helps with my fair skin!

Men’s Kirk Half-Zip Pullover – £89.00

Perhaps my favourite piece in the collection, this Kirk Half-Zip Pullover is good for not just golf but anytime you just need a casual top. Produced with a cotton blend, the top is super soft and whilst looks very nice and fitted, one again there is still lots of movement for that golf swing.

I like the raised collar rather than a standard neck – it keeps the drafts out on a cooler day! The ribbed effect, same with the hem and cuffs, also adds that extra bit of detail.

Men’s Dexter 2.5L Half-Zip – £219.00

I actually have far too many ‘lightweight’ shower-proof tops. But they all seemed to fail in comparison to the KJUS Dexter. Whilst most tend to be greys and blues, I really like that you can choose a brighter colour – simple perhaps but a big difference. The main thing is the the lightness and the size it packs away too – it is so thin and light you hardly know you are wearing it, and when you are not the whole thing can be folded into its own pocket whilst stored in your bag.

The half way zip feels nicer than the full and if I was expecting a day of rain I would put on the full weather gear (or sit in the pub) anyway. Using a similar 4 stretch fabric to the t-shirt, this time waterproofing keeps that freedom of movement throughout the swing and most importantly its highly breathable. Featuring taped seams, a water-repellent front zipper and a durable water-repellent coating, I don’t think this is stated as 100% waterproof but for a quick throw on during the round, you need nothing else.

From finding them online to trying a few bits (which were gifted), I can see KJUS being my go to for any new golf wear. The quality of fabric and finish show they will last indefinitely longer than the mainstream brands, and the waterproof and pullover I will use as casual wear as well as golf anyway, making them a complete bargain. The little detail and more subtle branding are completely what I choose in a store and add to the premium feel.

Shop the ‘hole’ range over at KJUS (I am off to buy a hat!).