Klever X E-Bikes

While cycling becoming an increasingly more appealing way of dealing with the morning commute, we’re still not sold on the idea of showering in the office. Which is why we’ve recently taken a keen interest in e-bikes, and one that’s caught our eye is this Klever X.

The Klever X e-bike comes in four versions – from a stylish urban bike to the X Speed which can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. The difference between Klever’s rides and normal e-bikes, however, is the build. Rather than simply adding motors and batteries to ordinary frames, Klever design their frames around their ‘Biactron’ rear drive system.

An integrated battery is key to the Biactron system. A ‘loop frame’ integrates the battery within its structure and this direct-drive simplicity is quieter, while still being as powerful as and more reliable than most central motor systems.

Al four clean, elegant Klever X bikes feature a curved top tube which creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height. All of the brake cables, gear cables and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame too, meaning things are kept nice and tidy.

Klever X Range E-Bikes 2
The noise level is also under 50dB, which makes the Klever X among the quietest on the market. The result is a silky smooth, almost silent ride sensation, with the dull buzz of the vast majority of mid motor e-bikes notably missing.

The Klever X also comes with plenty of nifty features such as a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display where you can install customised ride profiles, and naturally you can also connect to your iPhone to the bike using the Klever Connect app for journey info and the like.

Klever X Range E-Bikes 4
There’s also a cool security feature as standard on all Klever bikes with an electronic anti-theft alarm sound and digital bike coding. This coding links each pedelec, each lock and each control console to its owner using an electronic serial number. That means, if stolen, the rightful owner can be easily identified when it’s found.

The Klever X range of e-bikes are available now over at the Klever Website where prices start at around the £3,000 mark.

Klever X Range E-Bikes 3